In preparation for the re-launch of The Faithful, Thomas & Mercer has been sending the book out to book professionals and bloggers. I just wanted to share this 5-Star review from the Scifi and Scary Blog. It was a wonderful review, and I also discovered an amazing and hilarious book review blogger! 

Book Review: The Faithful by S.M. Freedman


What’s it about? Years ago, FBI agent Josh Metcalf got hooked by a missing persons case concerning a young child. Now, he’s compiled over 700 cases, all with only two things in common, but he’s never solved one. Now he has to.

At the same time, a beautiful Meteorite Hunter for NASA’s Spaceguard program is realizing that something about her past does not make sense, after she’s sent a simple card with 2 words on it in the mail.

Now they’re both heading for the end game. Too bad neither of them have a clue what that is.


What did I think about it? If you read my rant/discussion on what turns a 4 star book into a 5 star book, then you know why I consider this a 5 star book. Yes, I WANT to rave about it. I’m telling you all right now to go read it.

The Faithful had everything I love in a book in it. Beautiful imagery, developed characters, the perfect pace, and a plot that kept me turning pages. Add in a touch of the preternatural and supernatural, plus scenes that made me laugh so hard I spill my adult beverages,  and you have the perfect formula for afternoon imagination-fueled romp.

I would highly recommend it!

The Technical Stuff:
Author: S.M. Freedman
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Publication Date: September 2015
Pages: 415
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Source: I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.