I just heard some exciting news, and as is my usual habit I had a brief flare of excitement, quickly swallowed by what some might call 'common sense' and others 'that pesky negative inner voice'. Just about the first thing I do whenever anything great (or sucky) happens is share it with my amazing confidants and partners in crime, the WorldWiseWriters. So I wrote a quick email, and just as I hit send I realized I'd started off like this: This probably won't come to anything, but...

Because they're awesome, I know I'm in for a totally well-deserved reprimand the next time I open my inbox. I can already hear the lovely Jacky Gray shouting across the pond about the damage caused by negativity. So I'm turning it around right now (see ladies? I'm learning!), and sending out a positive intention that the news I just heard is just the beginning of something totally mind-blowingly awesomesauce.

You hear that, universe? I'm being positive!

So, the news...

Apparently someone who works for Oprah liked my book so much she submitted it to the Great Lady herself, as a contender for Oprah's Book Club list. Of course, this doesn't mean -- wait! There I go again. Positive thoughts, right??? So here's hoping Oprah Winfrey actually reads my book (gulp), likes it (OMGOMGOMG), and adds it to the list

Still with me, universe? Oh yeah, we got this. 

xo SM

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