It seems so trite to say 'where did the time go', but I seriously cannot believe I last blogged at the beginning of July! The summer was excessively languid ... isn't that the best kind of summer? We are, admittedly, the crazy Canadians who go to Palm Springs for the summer. Yup, all the other snowbirds are just heading down there now, eager to toss aside their rain boots and turn their pale faces to the sun.

Since I'm way too impatient to ever consider home schooling (my children are sending up silent prayers of gratitude right now. Huh. Wonder what that's about?), we're at the mercy of school schedules. So we're the Crazy Canadians - also known as CC's - broiling ourselves in the summer desert and spouting potty-headed bits of insanity like "Hey, it's only 125 degrees, let's go to the park!" Okay, to be fair to my Canadian roots, I don't really understand fahrenheit. So, for any equally addle-brained Canuckelheads out there, 125 degrees is really, really hot.  

While I did continue work on the sequel to The Faithful, (the title of the new book will be omitted - for now. Muah ha ha ha!) the summer passed in a sweltering haze of sun and swimming. Oh, and Slurpees. Best. Thing. Ever.

But with the dreary weather comes some exciting stuff, and I wanted to share a few of the things  going on this fall.

FIrst off, The Faithful is now selling on Barnes & Noble in paperback. This actually came as quite a shock, I had no idea! Ha ha. Oops!

Second, the Kindle version of The Faithful will be going on sale from November 6th - 9th, for $0.99, which is a screaming good deal. Keep in mind, folks, that you can buy a Kindle ebook as a gift. Amazon will email a link of your gift to the recipient. Also, if you don't have a Kindle, you can read it on any other device: phone, computer, iPad, iPhone, iPotty, you name it. 

Third, and perhaps best of all, in December I'm going on a 30-stop Virtual Book Tour! Yahoo! I'm super-duper excited about this, not to mention just a wee bit nervous (*cough* okay,a lot nervous). So, I'll be interviewed, reviewed, and hopefully not skewered on thirty, yes, thirty different blogs and websites. (Okay, where's that paper bag I was breathing into?).

Fourth and final (pinky swear!), as part of the upcoming Book Tour,  the audio of an author reading and Q&A has been prepared. Although it's intended for December, I thought I'd share it with you early. You can find it here: 

Well, that's it for now! I'll leave you with this one question: why oh why did no one ever tell me I sound like a demented frog???  

xo S.M.

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